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Bike Service & Repair

Our service department repairs bikes every day, so we know what works well in the north state climate and terrain. We stock repair parts, tools, lubes, and work stands for the do-it-yourself mechanic. 

There are two types of bike tools: small take along multi tools and lightweight tire tools, or regular larger tools for garage work. Both are useful depending on how often you do your own work. We recommend all riders invest in a chain cleaning system. Most off road riders should clean their chain after every ride. It keeps the drive train shifting smoothly and reduces wear on gears. We recommend different lubes for different conditions or riding, but most lubes are cleaner and allow for quick chain cleaning. We also have a chain check tool that measures wear. Over time a chain will stretch and if not replaced will reshape the teeth on all the gears - then lookout for a big repair cost! It is MUCH cheaper to replace a chain once a year (around $30). You can always drop by The Bike Shop and have your chain checked, or we also sell that tool too.

Many riders enjoy doing maintenance on their bikes, others just want to ride. We strongly recommend to all active riders that we do a professional tune-up each year. We check for chain stretch, adjust hubs, tighten cranks, tune wheels, lube and adjust cables, clean the drive train and adjust or bleed brakes. All parts are checked for wear and safety issues. We take care of many repairs every year, so please use our expertise. The winter months when you aren't using your bike as much is a great time to bring it in to prepare for the spring and summer months when you will want to be riding. Regular tune ups typically save you money by catching problems and repairing them before further damage is done. Bikes are NOT maintenance free, but we will make recommendations that are appropriate for your use.

Bike Service and Repair - Redding, California


Flat Tires: Thorns and puncture vines are common in the North State. We have heavy duty tubes, sealant and kevlar lined tires to help keep you up and running.

Dirty/Dry Chains: Cleaning brush (never lube a dirty chain!!) chain cleaning solution and chain wax (not OIL).

Shifting Problems: Clean dirty/dry cables and re-lube. Replace worn cables and housing, adjust derailleurs.

Poor Stopping: Replace brake pads. Bleed brakes. Adjust brake cables.

Squealing Brakes: Re-surface or replace pads.

Cracked Tires: Common from the North State heat in summer. Replace tires.


Minor tune-up (lube, air tires, check brakes, check derailleurs, check components are tight)
Major tune-up
Drivetrain overhaul
Brake overhaul
Complete bicycle overhaul
Complete bearing overhaul
Detail bike: thoroughly clean bicycle and components; polish and wax bicycle


Flat tire repair
Replace tire(s)
Replace broken spoke(s)
Install new front wheel
Install new rear wheel (derailleur)
Install new rear wheel (coaster-brake)
Install new rear wheel (internally geared)
Wheel truing (minor)
Wheel truing (major)
Wheel retensioning, dishing and truing
Wheel building
Hub bearing overhaul
Replace cassette


Replace brake cable(s)
Replace brake shoes
Minor brake adjustment (cable)
Minor brake adjustment (disc)
Major brake adjustment (cable)
Major brake adjustment (disc)
Bleed hydraulic disc brakes
Disc-brake rotor repair
Hydraulic disc brake line repair/replace
Install and adjust new brakes (cable)
Install and adjust new brakes (disc/hydraulic)
Install and adjust new brakes (disc/cable)


Clean and lube
Complete drivetrain service (inspect, repair, adjust: cables, bottom bracket, crankset, derailleurs)
Replace chain (may need to replace cassette, too)
Replace cassette
Replace chainring(s)
Replace crankset and bottom bracket
Adjust front derailleur
Adjust rear derailleur
Replace front derailleur
Replace rear derailleur
Install new derailleurs and shifters
Replace shift cable(s)
Derailleur hanger (frame) repair/replacement
Remove pedals
Install pedals
Overhaul pedal bearings


Adjust headset
Overhaul headset
Replace headset
Replace handlebars
Replace stem
Replace handlebar tape
Replace handlebar grips


Overhaul headset
Overhaul/replace bottom bracket
Overhaul hub(s)
Overhaul pedals
Overhaul derailleur pulleys


Check/align dropouts
Replace fork
Tune front and rear suspension
Tune suspension: fork
Tune suspension: shock
Suspension fork overhaul
Rear shock overhaul
Steel frame alignment/repair
Frame preparation for assembly (thread chase & face)
Derailleur hanger (frame) repair/replacement


Installing and adjusting shoe cleats
Basic seat and handlebar adjustment (free with purchase of new bike)
Complete fitting to bicycle


Box bike for shipping
Build boxed bike (shipped)
Replace seat
Replace seatpost
Install toe clips
Install rear rack
Install handlebar light
Install taillight
Install fenders
Install lighting system
Install baby seat
Install water bottle and cage
Install and setup cyclo-computer
Install kickstand
Install pump

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